DHİ Hair Transplantation or FUE Hair Transplantation? Which One is Better?

Making a decision among different options can be challenging for those considering hair transplantation. Various clinics may suggest different treatments. Especially choosing between various methods like FUE and DHI is crucial. These two methods have unique features, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these details can assist individuals in making the right decision during the hair transplantation process. So, DHİ Hair Transplantation or FUE Hair Transplantation? Which one should be chosen?

Making a decision between these methods can be quite challenging. Based on the information provided below, you can compare these two treatment methods and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation method typically starts with collecting hair grafts, usually from the back of the head. The collected grafts are stored in a special solution and then transplanted to the bald areas. In this method, the processes of channel opening and graft planting are usually performed separately. Although this method is practiced by many clinics, it is crucial to find the most accurate and effective clinic for a successful transplant and beautiful results.

What is DHİ Hair Transplantation?

DHİ hair transplantation method is performed using a special pen called Choi Implanter Pen after collecting the grafts. This pen allows direct placement of grafts into the scalp, enabling channel opening and planting to be done simultaneously. Similarly, choosing the clinic that excels in this method is critical.

FUE Hair Transplantation

Differences Between FUE and DHİ Methods

The fundamental differences between these two methods indicate that the choice of method depends on the individual’s needs and hair condition. While the DHİ method may be more effective in treating hair loss or scars in narrow areas, the FUE method is more suitable for extensive hair loss in large areas. Additionally, the recovery process with the DHİ method is generally shorter. Considering the features of FUE and DHİ methods, the decision on which method to choose depends on individual preferences and expectations. However, consulting a hair transplantation specialist is important to make the most accurate decision. Based on the examination and evaluation conducted by the specialist, the most suitable method can be determined for the individual.

Choosing the Right Method with Elegance Clinic

Choosing the right clinic is as important as finding the right method. Elegance Clinic, one of the leading hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul, strives to provide you with the best results regardless of the method you choose. Standing out from other clinics with its expert team and competent staff, Elegance excels in terms of price-performance as well.

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