Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be commonly performed in both women and men. If you experience issues with your eyebrows, such as volume, density, or hair loss, an eyebrow transplantation procedure can be performed.

The lack of eyebrows involves certain sensitive points that are different compared to hair. In the eyebrow transplantation technique, which can only be performed with fine-tipped DHI pens, eyebrow hairs are placed at almost a 1-5 degree angle. Ensuring that they stay at that angle after the operation is the most important point for the success of the eyebrow transplantation.

In eyebrow transplantation, multiple Grafts are definitely not used, similar to beard transplantation.

Only single hair Grafts are collected from the back head area. In fact, the thickness of these collected single Grafts consists of those below the 50-60 micron level.

While the Grafts which will be implanted for eyebrows are collected from the middle of the back head area, those carrying characteristic features like the hairs in the border areas of the hair are tried to be selected. The feature of this character is hair strands that grow short. Thus, it will display a more natural stance in the area where it is implanted, much like natural eyebrows.

Another factor affecting the success of the eyebrow transplantation operation is density. Density, which is also very important in hair transplantation, is of utmost importance in eyebrow transplantation. Because much thinner and shorter hair strands are selected, more of these hair strands, which have less coverage, should be planted per cm2.

Eyebrow transplantation to be performed at Elegance Clinic is carried out by a team with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Note: Eyebrow transplantation can be performed for all other conditions except situations where your skin cannot nourish healthy hair, such as burning. If you have lost eyebrows due to a burn, the situation can be evaluated with an examination.

Carolina Gomes - HT Expert Online