Get the hair of your dreams with a touch of magic from our expert team!

For more detailed information about the hair transplantation...

Get the hair of your dreams with a touch of magic from our expert team!

About us, Elegance Clinic

As the Elegance Clinic founders Uğur Aslan and Figen Bulut, we are a team that has personally performed hair transplant operations for more then 15 years. Until today, we have provided 10,000's of people with hair transplantation experience at the world's most advanced standards. As of 2023, we decided to offer this experience under our own brand and established this brand.

Our establishment purpose is to provide the highest level of hair transplantation service in Istanbul, the hair transplant capital of the world.

Services Included in Hair Transplantation

Transportations It allows you to easily reach our clinic. We offer you transfer service from the airport or hotel to our clinic.
Consultation In line with your needs and expectations, it is a detailed evaluation process to determine the most suitable hair transplantation plan for you.
Planning Before the hair transplantation process, to determine how your hair line will be and plan the number and place of hair follicles to be sown.
Operation What you need is the process of planting the hair with aesthetics and experience that will make it look natural.
Medical Care It is the service provided for the correct cleaning and maintenance of the hair transplant area in the first days after the operation.
Lazer Treatment It is a treatment method used to support the growth and renewal of hair follicles after planting.
Lifetime Follow-up It is a service offered to monitor the condition of the planted hair regularly and provide a quick solution to your possible needs.

15 Years: Hair Transplant

With our team with over 15 years of experience in hair transplantation, we offer you the latest technologies and the most advanced methods. Our experts have performed thousands of successful hair transplant operations and have deep knowledge and skills in this field.

Each hair transplant procedure is customized according to your personal needs and goals and is designed for the most natural-looking results. With our understanding of high quality service, we offer you not only a hair transplant, but also a lifestyle change.

The experience of our specialists, the personalized care and support they provide before and after the procedure ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied. Our experience and success over the years have made us the most qualified clinic for hair transplantation. Are you ready to meet our team and learn how we can transform your hair transplant process?

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