Woman Hair Transplant

Hair loss in women is of a different type than in men, so planning is also done differently at the Elegance Clinic. The two methods used in traditional hair transplantation can still be used for hair transplantation in women. When the hair loss in women occurs in the form of opening from the front, Sapphire FUE technique can be used, and in case of thinning, DHI technique is also used since mixed hair loss will be seen.

In hair transplantation procedures applied to women, the hair is not completely shaved. It is only shaved in a way that opens a window in the back head area where the hair will be taken.

Stages of hair transplantation in women

  1. In the back head area, between the ears, a small window is opened by shaving. For this, it is suitable for the hair to be at least 7-8 cm long.
  2. Local anesthesia is applied to the donor area. Hair is removed in follicular units with the help of a micro motor with tips ranging from 0.6 mm to 0.9 mm in diameter.
  3. In the areas where hair loss is experienced, transplantation is done at an angle and direction compatible with the surrounding hair in the area to be transplanted with the DHI pen, or if it is to be done with FUE, the Grafts are first placed in the channels opened at the correct angle and direction.

After these basic three steps, the operation is completed with a bandaging. Rest is important on the day after this operation, which will generally take 5-6 hours.

The next day, basic procedures necessary for hair transplantation, such as using medications and doing the aftercare are completed with the consultant at Elegance Clinic, and all that remains is to wait a few months to achieve your healthy, strong and full-looking hair.

Carolina Gomes - HT Expert Online