After Hair Transplant

If you have had a hair transplantation operation at Elegance Clinic, you can be sure that you will receive the same quality of service after your operation.

Post-operative support after the transplantation is actually as important as the quality of the hair transplantation operation itself. Especially for the care and nourishment of the hair, Elegance Clinic aims to provide the most ideal service with its 15 years of experience.

Post-Hair Transplantation at Elegance Clinic

Everyone who receives service from Elegance Clinic is under our observation and follow-up for life.

Critical steps in the post-hair transplantation process are generally as follows:

  1. On the first day after the operation, your dressing is done at our clinic. The process of your 15-day care is explained. Between the 2nd and 15th day, apart from washing the hair, during the crusting and shedding of the crusts, the patient representative will communicate with you at least twice directly.
  2. From the 1st to 3rd month, after the shock shedding of the transplanted grafts, the hair will start to grow, and the Elegance Clinic patient representative will again communicate with you regarding medication follow-up and general health status.
  3. At the 6th month, your hair has started to grow and the donor area has repaired itself. The follow-up of this process will also be tracked by contacting you again with the hair transplantation patient representatives.
  4. When the 12th month arrives, 80% of your hair has grown and it is a period when you have come quite close to the final appearance for your hair. In this period, your hair transplantation patient representative will contact you again.
  5. When the 18th month arrives, your hair has now shown 95% of its final results and an assessment is made by contacting you once again.

As Elegance Clinic, our goal is to be meticulous and careful in operation tracking, solving all the question marks in your mind.

Carolina Gomes - HT Expert Online